Export and distribution of rubber materials

We are the official exporters and distributors of ZLATARPLAST Nova Varos rubber products to the Scandinavian market, primarily in Sweden.

Expansion into the Norwegian and Finnish markets with ZLATARPLAST products is one of the goals for the future.

A decade in rubber export

Our decade – long cooperation with Zlatarplast is based primarily on mutual trust, commitment and quick response to customer requests. Together with them, we are constantly working on product improvement and designing new products to meet all the wishes and needs of our customers.

The production program is based on the processing of raw rubber compounds and the production of semi-finished and finished products from vulcanized rubber.

It is primarily a program of rubber shoes that are produced on special tools.

This program has been marketed to clients in Scandinavia for years with tendencies of further expansion.

In addition to products that are produced on special tools and are intended for the Scandinavian market, there are also the following products:

As for details about all products, you can find them on the official website of Zlatarplast.

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