Chemical raw materials

Our chemical trade department has a great technical and commercial experience in the placement of various kinds of raw materials in the inorganic and organic chemical division. Besides, we have a small division in a part of technical equipment and spare parts in fields of construction and road construction as well as enamel branch.

Brands we work with

Trinidad Lake Asphalt

Program of natural asphalt

TRIFEKS D.O.O is the general representative of the German company Carl Ungewiter Trinidad Bremen for the territory of all countries of the former Yugoslavia. The basic and very important product is Trinidad Epure.

We have placed several hundred tons of this material on the Serbian market, exceptional in its properties and special purposes.

One of the benchmarks is the GAZELLE BRIDGE IN BELGRADE.


Road construction, building chemistry, Chemicals, Filtration, compaction, Foods, Pharma

The German manufacturer CFF, whose authorized distributors for the market of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro we are, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stabilizing cellulose fibers in the form of granules and beads.

These are primarily materials of the commercial name TOPCEL, TEHNOCEL, which are primarily used as a bituminous carrier to increase the thickness of the bonding coating, and are also made to stabilize the homogeneity of asphalt and to avoid leaching of the bonding layer from the mineral aggregate during production, storage, transport and setups.

We would also like to draw your attention to the variant of the Topcel FT 60 add product, the application of which lowers the temperature of the previous mixture, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. These materials are certified at the Institute for Material Testing a.d. in Belgrade.

In the previous period, we sold over 1,000 tons of these top cellulose additives that are installed in road infrastructure throughout Serbia.

Prince Brugge

Porcelain enamels, glass enamels, conductive coating, inorganic pigments (colour oxides) glass coloured frits

We are general representatives and distributors of Prince Brugge, Belgium, headquartered in Houston, USA.

Prince is the leading enamel manufacturer on the European and world market. In previous decades, they were known under the Bayer AG Leverkusen brand.

Our offer

  • Enamel program for anticorrosion protection
  • All types of enamel for dishes and white goods / boilers, stoves
  • Enamels for conventional enameling grund and roofing
  • Premix enamels RTU / ready to use
  • Enamels for electrostatic and electrophoretic application
  • Vitromamels enamels for glass in the automotive industry
  • Inorganic pigments and enamel additives supplied with
    our enamels or separately as desired
  • Laboratory sieves and equipment

Gabriel Chemie

Colour masterbatches, Additive masterbatches, Cosmetik Packaging, Agriculture and Construction

A German company that has been operating according to the highest European and world standards since 1950. It is one of the most efficient organizations in the masterbatch industry. They also offer stabilizers for all forms of plastic (PVC, PE, PP…). All masterbatch of this company comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

We have been successfully representing this company on the market of the Republic of Serbia for more than 10 years.

Our offer

  • additive masterbatch
  • painted masterbatch
  • black and white masterbatch
  • combined masterbatch


Concrete agents and additives

Domylco is a Greek company that produces concrete additives.

The company history roots back to 1976.

Since 2003, all concrete additives produced have the CE mark, which is proof of high quality.

Our offer

  • Admixtures for concrete and mortar
  • Mold release agent – hardening compound
  • Plasters ready for use
  • Epoxy resins
  • Floor treatments and accessories
  • Sealants


Bituminous separators, multipurpose additives for road infrastructure

SASOLWAX BITUGLIDEBitumen separator.

This product is a water- and oil-based separation agent which can be used in various fields (traffic and transport, bridge structures, rollers with either steel or rubber wheels and road construction equipment in general). The product reliably prevents the retention of bitumen or asphalt on metal or rubber surfaces.

SASOBITmulti-purpose additive for use in the reconstruction of bituminous road structures.

At temperatures above 115 degrees Celsius, this product is completely soluble in bitumen. By applying Sasobit, the processing temperature in the application is reduced to 30 degrees Celsius.

Star ASphalt

Road construction agents, concrete agents

Flux oil program, ecological products for protection of metal surfaces, emulsifiers, additives rejuvinators for asphalt recycling, bituminous binders.

Vellis Chemicals

Polymer dispersions, alkyd resins, pigments, additives

Program of iron oxides, inorganic pigments resistant to temperatures up to 200 C degrees in various colors and they’re added to concrete or asphalt mass.

Origin of raw materials Western Europe and Latin America.


Polymer of modified bitumen bands for connecting of old and new asphalt. Polymer bitumen membranes for correction of cracks on the asphalt surface


Tego Adibit product in form of flakes or liquid which are used as additives for improvment of bondability and humidity in hot bitumen. Hardnerr and crosslinking agent in hot mixture and cast asphalt, mastiks

Brite line

Band for horizontal marking in the area of construction and road infrastructure

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